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Nim Dong July 2018

Eishan's debut album "Nim Dong" was released in July 2018 on Art As Catharsis to critical acclaim.

“… casts a spell all its own… astonishing power and convulsive impact…” – John Shand, SMH ★★★★½

" Eishan Ensembl is a rare attempt in fusing contemporary persian classical music with modern jazz... a flawless combination, as evidenced by the fine compositions on this debut recording" - Songlines UK ★★★★


As brainchild of Persian Australian composer and world music specialist Hamed Sadeghi, Eishan’s debut offers a taste of music not often seen in the west. Introducing the tar as the leading instrument and using jazz elements in this album, gave Eishan Ensemble a new way of approaching music. Variously described as "Persian Chamber Jazz", Eishan defies neat labels in "Nim Dong".

Track Listing:

  1. Nim Dong

  2. Solo Tar and Double Bass

  3. Future

  4. Behind the Window 

  5. Timelessness

  6. Doubt

  7. Regret 




  • Pedram Layegh - Acoustic guitar

  • Hamed Sadeghi - Persian Tar

  • Michael Avgenicos - Alto Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet

  • Elsen Price - Double Bass

  • Adem Yilmaz - Percussions 


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