Nim Dong July 2018

Eishan's debut album "Nim Dong" was released in July 2018 on Art As Catharsis to critical acclaim.

“… casts a spell all its own… astonishing power and convulsive impact…” – John Shand, SMH ★★★★½

" Eishan Ensembl is a rare attempt in fusing contemporary persian classical music with modern jazz... a flawless combination, as evidenced by the fine compositions on this debut recording" - Songlines UK ★★★★


As brainchild of Persian Australian composer and world music specialist Hamed Sadeghi, Eishan’s debut offers a taste of music not often seen in the west. Introducing the tar as the leading instrument and using jazz elements in this album, gave Eishan Ensemble a new way of approaching music. Variously described as "Persian Chamber Jazz", Eishan defies neat labels in "Nim Dong".

Track Listing:

  1. Nim Dong

  2. Solo Tar and Double Bass

  3. Future

  4. Behind the Window 

  5. Timelessness

  6. Doubt

  7. Regret 




  • Pedram Layegh - Acoustic guitar

  • Hamed Sadeghi - Persian Tar

  • Michael Avgenicos - Alto Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet

  • Elsen Price - Double Bass

  • Adem Yilmaz - Percussions 


Afternoon tea at six May 2020

My life is beautifully messy! It’s full of rational mistakes, some imposed and some deliberate. Full of rock-solid rules with exceptions and of course a lot of passion to create new things.


When I moved to Australia I needed to understand that the 21st  of March is no longer the beginning of spring. I needed to adapt. I don’t even remember when I gave up on my tea drinking habit and replaced it with coffee! But at least I get my coffee from the same café every day and sit at the same spot in my local park to read my book. I still repeat things, like a band that performs a piece of music over and over yet it feels unique every time.


We give names to things because we have seen them more than once. Repetition creates identity and it plays an important role in my composition process. Afternoon Tea at Six is a celebration of finding my identity through repetition and my traditions. This album carries seven stories. We had a cup of tea before every rehearsal and tried to interpret the story a little bit differently each time. 


With Adem, Elsen, Michael and Pedram we seek authenticity. We invited Sonya Holowell and Adnan Barake to drink a cup of tea with us as well, to share, disagree on things, to argue and forgive. 


Hamed Sadeghi

Track Listing:

  1. Black and White

  2. Street

  3. Future #2

  4. Signs 

  5. Wind

  6. Afternoon Tea at Six

  7. Sins




  • Hamed Sadeghi - Persian Tar

  • Pedram Layegh - Acoustic Guitar

  • Michael Avgenicos - Alto Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet

  • Elsen Price - Double Bass

  • Adem Yilmaz - Percussions 

  • Sonya Holowell - Vocals

  • Adnan Barake - Oud

All compositions by Hamed Sadeghi​

Released on Art As Catharsis

Recorded at A Sharp Studios 

Mixed by Richard Lakes

Mastered by Daniel Natoli

Graphic Designs by Javad Atshbari

Photo by Shimana Sadeghi

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